5 Best Baby Ring Slings 2017 – To Hold a Baby Comfortably

Are you going through your pregnancy period? Then, you haven't much time to make plans on how to manage the most beautiful gift of your life. It's true that only a woman gets the real feeling of bearing an unborn baby in her womb. However, after the birth of a baby, she may have a little different experience. As a mom, you have lots of duties to rear up your baby and stay with him or her all the time. But, you cannot give up your daily errands. 

If your baby starts crying in your absence, I can offer one solution for you. Buy any best ring sling that I have reviewed and buying guide here for all the new moms.

Best Ring Sling 2017

Here are 5 best ring slings. I have chosen from the market and this is my opinion.

1. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier for Infants and Newborns, Breastfeeding Privacy

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier

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Mamaway brings good news to the moms of newborn babies with a well-designed baby sling. Your baby can stay with you all the time with this flexible and durable carrier. The little ones won’t cry anytime because the stretchy cotton fabric may give them comfort. The way in which the sling allows you to position the baby is also excellent. You also will not feel load because the system diffuses your baby’s weight considerably. Whether you want your baby to stay on your tummy or on the back, every pose may become easy to you. Moreover, as plastic is unsafe and metal is noisy the manufacturer has used nylon to make the rings.


  • Pocket design
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Hundred percent cotton fabrics
  • Stretchy material
  • Resilient and safe rings with smooth edges

Recommended for - The sling is much strong to hold toddlers of about two to three years


  • Allows moms to have privacy during breastfeeding
  • No strain on the babies and their mothers
  • Ensures safety to the infants
  • Helps in comfortable position of legs and hips
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Machine washable


  • A bit higher price

2. Vlokup Baby Ring Sling Wrap Carrier

Vlokup Baby Ring Sling Wrap Carrier

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If you are looking for exceptional ring sling with versatile features, you may choose this product of Vlokup. Adjust it quickly, according to your convenience and carry the little babe with you. The small legs of your baby can also grip your body tightly. The shoulder part will not give you strain because it is padded well, while the rings have also no sharp point to hurt you. Grab your infant in any way you like. The bond between you and your child also becomes stronger. So, whenever you go somewhere with your baby, put on this sling, and carry your baby easily.


  • Cotton fabric, right for the daily usage
  • Rings designed with aluminum
  • Length of the sling- seventy-nine inches
  • Padded shoulders
  • Grey rainbow in color
  • Pocket design

Recommended for - The unisex design of the sling is suitable all girls and boys, who age is not more than forty pounds.


  • Fit babies of all sizes
  • No risk of getting slipped
  • Padded railings for comfort of your babe
  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Machine washable


  • No recommendable for any bigger baby

3. Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers - Best rated ring slings

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier

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This bright rainbow colored ring sling will make your baby happy. Though the level of stretch, allowed by this product is medium, the baby can enjoy the airy wrap. Whether you are simply walking or hiking, you may carry your baby with this sling. Most of the moms have got impressed with its unique designs. The product is not only comfortable but also stylish. So, no matter what outfit you have worn, the sling may go with it easily. The sling is also made of eco-friendly material, alleviating all the risks to your baby. Lots of moms are happy with its hands-free design as they can easily move to any place, without being concerned about the baby.


  • Designed with multiple colors
  • Hand-loomed fabric
  • Sling rings- Made of aluminum
  • Adjustable features

Recommended for - Babies, with weight range from 8 to 35 lbs, may use this sling very easily


  • No presence of toxic material
  • Ergonomic style, distributing the weight evenly
  • Beautifully woven


  • Sling gets loosened while the baby wiggles
  • No pockets

4. Ring Sling Carrier Fashionable and Comfortable

Ring Sling Carrier

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If it’s the first time you are experiencing motherhood, then you may buy this user-friendly ring sling, offered by Beco Baby Carrier. Though the color is not attractive, the product is functional in every way. You can adjust the system depending on your convenience to allow breastfeeding easily. The dads may also wear it to carry their babies. The simplicity of design is the main factor for which many parents prefer this product. Just as other reliable ring slings, it also provides comfort to your shoulder. Besides, as there is no snap or buckle, you don’t need to have much hassle while using it. You can also use the tail part as a kind of cover. Thus, Beco has designed a wonderful product for all the parents of newborn babies.


  • High capacity to carry weight
  • Wrapped tail
  • Intended for all breast milk feeders
  • Tested product
  • Light weight product
  • Instructions included for safety

Recommended for - Most suitable for babies of about seven to thirty-five pounds


  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Simple to adjust
  • Large sized rings of aluminum
  • Washable with cold water


  • Available in only one color

5. Moby Ring Sling Silver Streak - Great for On-The-Go, Fully-adjustable baby sling, Great for newborns - toddlers

Moby Ring Sling

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Another ring sling, available to you, is the product of Moby. In fact, it is the latest one in the serious of same products, offered by the brand. This ring sling is not only elegant but also fits for babies of all body shapes and sizes. The manufacturer has proved that function and form, both may be present simultaneously in one product. The sling aligns your baby to your own body in order to have an outstanding security. Though there is no fastener, your baby will remain safe. You may also alter the level of tightness while wearing the sling.

The most important fact is that you can use the product as a pillow and blanket as well.


  • Simple design for loosening or tightening the system
  • Aluminum rings
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Newest model from Moby

Recommended for - Babies with maximum weight of forty-five pounds


  • Natural fiber cotton is woven excellently
  • Fits for almost all body types
  • Washable manually or with machine
  • Heavy enough to make it usable for winter season


  • Too thick fabric

Guide for buying ring slings

Now, have you chosen any of the available ring slings? If you have got confused in picking the right product for your cub, I want to present you with a helpful guide. With the most compatible sling, you can free your arm from carrying your baby.

​Before offering a guideline, I like to give you a clear concept on rings slings. These are usually a lengthy fabric, attached with 2 rings. You have to put the cloth through these rings in order to design a safe pouch. Your baby can spend long hours inside this pouch.

​You may choose slings of any fabric, such as linen, cotton or silk. However, many parents think that these slings are almost same as that of the baby carriers. There are differences between these two products. You can put on or off the sling very easily. But, a baby wrap is much intricate. The similarity is that you need your waist and shoulder for better support. However, the ring sling is comparatively easier to use, and it can keep your babe secure. Consider ring sling as the most essential accessory because this product.

1. Gives security and love to your little babe

You need to keep your baby with you all the time to show your love or concern. A ring sling allows babies to have constant contact with their mother, and so they can feel the presence of their moms at every moment. They may also express their needs anytime. So, grow a kind of affection for your baby since the early years.

2. Helps in positioning a baby conveniently

You may want your baby to nourish with breast milk, or you just want to take him for an outing. Depending on your purpose, you can place the baby in your ring sling. Upright, sideways or on a hip- you can choose any position. Many products also allow breastfeeding privately.

3. Is portable and flexible

Buy ring sling once for your own baby, and later, you can use it for other little members. The reliable models are not only adjustable but also stretchy. So, they suit well for all. You can also fold them to take at any place.

4. Allows you to do all other works

Ring sling, with hands-free style, helps a busy mother to conduct a job. You can cook, do household works or read books, while your baby is with you.

5. Is functional and stylish

The ring sling manufacturers have tried to put bright colors to their products. You don’t need to feel awkward while using the sling.

6. Enables a baby in learning something very fast

As the baby is in touch with you for several hours, he can hear your words and see what you are doing throughout a day. Your little baby will surely grow the ability of interaction within a very short time. He will also get acquainted with the surroundings.

When you’re choosing any such sling, you have to consider its features and various other factors

  • Size - All ring slings are not of the same size, and thus, you have to determine the size that suits best for your baby. Some better models allow you to make an adjustment according to your baby’s size. A baby grows on every year, and so, the size that fits today may not be suitable after few months.
  • Style for putting on your shoulder - With almost all the products, you have to place the sling on shoulder. But, the way in which you are carrying it differs from one product to another. You may suspend it on you two shoulders or on one of the shoulders.
  • Material and its resilience - The manufacturer should guarantee that the material, used in the sling, is safe and durable. In addition to it, you may try to know whether the fabric is itchy. Your baby won't like such kind of material. Another thing, every mom considers, is whether the material is washable with the machine.

If you categorize the ring sling, you may get two options- Open and closed tail.

​The open one gives you high flexibility, and enables you to choose different positions -

  • Kangaroo
  • Cradle
  • Hip

However, the last two positions are possible with the closed one. The former option is better for covering up your baby, while you are breastfeeding or if there are hot sunrays.

If you have chosen a sling with closed tail, then you have to place the strap towards the shoulder's edge. The Wider strap helps you in reducing the weight significantly. But, one of the disadvantages with this style is that you may not be able to fit your baby comfortably.

When you are checking the shoulder design, you can also determine whether it is a padded product. The pads or cushion makes you feel cozy.


We think this guide has already eased much of your tension of carrying your baby all the time. Now, you can make your decision on buying a best baby sling for the newborn member of your family. If you don't like to take a bulky stroller with you anytime, you can better choose any of these slings. While your baby is with you at every moment, you can stare at his eyes all the time. Let him sleep, whenever he wants. Or, chat with that companion any time. So, what are you thinking now about these ring slings? Do you like to reach your voice to other moms? This page gives the opportunity to you.

I believe in the notion, “value for money” i.e. when someone is spending an amount on a product, he or she should receive maximum satisfaction from that product. Hence, it is very important to choose the products very carefully which is possible only if you have a good knowledge of the product you are going to buy. Especially when we are talking about baby products, we need to take care of its quality as well. Keeping all this in mind, She started this blog that would guide parents to buy the right products for their kids.

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