Best Organic Baby Food 2017 Formulated with safe ingredients

Are you excited with the gradual growth of your newborn baby? But, with this growth, you need to make a better dietary plan for your baby. Only breastfeeding is not enough for the little babes, and you have to think of something more. If you like to introduce solid foods, you don’t know what veggies they prefer or what can be safe for them. So, look for the organic foods, available in the market, and these are intended only for improving a baby’s health. Most of the brands have made a blend of fresh vegetables and fruits to create their package, and they have tried to offer yummy taste with these foods.

Guide to buying organic baby food

Most of the moms have realized that nursing or breast feeding is comparatively easier because everything for baby’s nutrition is present in the breastmilk. However, when there is a need of having transition, mothers have to be concerned of the right formula. Though you may make foods or delicious dishes, the commercially produced foods are highly nourishing to your baby.

Organic Baby Fruit

Common ingredient in organic baby food

When your baby has reached almost four to six months, it is not the right time for introducing cow milk. You need to boil or make a puree of vegetables and fruits. However, while you haven’t any time to do so, you can better rely on the organic food packages. The manufacturers of these packages usually add-

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Carrot
  • Sweet potato
  • Broccoli
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Peas
  • Avocado
  • Cauliflower

Many brands offer only one taste or one fruit flavor in one food jar. This allows you in identifying whether that vegetable or fruit causes allergy to the baby. However, while you are confident of your baby digestion ability and other health issues, you may choose a blend of all the fruits.

How much ingredients are present in the package?

Every food manufacturer needs to mention clearly everything about the content. So, before placing your order, you have to read the list of all ingredients. In most cases, they state about the percentage of each of the nutrients or minerals, present in the food package. It also provides you with a concept on how the manufacturers have applied the fruits and vegetables for creating a food of the right texture. If you think that any of the ingredients causes allergy to your baby, you can better avoid that food.

Content of Vitamin

Vitamins are always essential to keep your baby healthy and to fight against diseases. However, as you are buying commercial products, you have to know that some canned foods are treated with an intense amount of heat. Some chilled foods, stored in a refrigerator, have longer shelf life, and these are not much treated.

Baby foods as desserts

Pediatricians have recommended that there is no need of focusing too much on the dessert. However, while you think that your baby loves it, you may buy a food with yoghurt content and with almost minimal amount of sugar. However, squashed fruits must be a part of those foods. This can be the safest option for those babies, who love to have dessert at the end of their meal.

Thickeners in the food

Many brands have used rice flour, rice and maize starch as a kind of thickener. These ingredients allow them to create a wonderful texture to the food. They may not cause any harm to your baby. However, the most notable issue is that these thickeners cover a significant part of the foods’ real content. So, the amount of essential nutrients may get reduced. But, every baby or infant needs a diet with high level of nutrients. Thus, if there are fillers in the food content, their percentage must be kept to the minimum level.

Salt and additives

Salt is not essential to an infant’s food, and its amount must be kept to the limited level. And to say about additives, we have to inform that many manufactures add vitamin C for balancing its percentage. This is antioxidant for preventing the vegetables from getting rotten. However, according to the regulations, there should not be any color or preservatives for foods of babies, who are below one year.

Can you carry the pouch?

pouch organic baby food

Organic baby foods, available in jars, may not be easily portable. You have to store them only in your kitchen. Mini pouches that you can squeeze are always convenient to carry because they have light in weight. These food sacks are also helpful to avoid any mess during the feeding time. Your babies may also hold the pouch and consume it with their own hands. The small pouches are good option while you are travelling with your baby. It is also better to check out the sprout or the opening so that you may know whether you can pour the food easily in a bowl.

Best organic baby food 2017 - 2018 

Now, we have picked the name of those organic baby food manufacturers, and reviewed their products to allow you in making decision.

Earth's Best Organic Stage 1, My First Veggies Variety Pack

Earth's Best Organic Stage 1

Nutrition of a baby is the foremost concern of the mothers. While this is the first time you are buying baby’s food, you may rely on Earth’s Best products. This is a package of four jars, and each of these jars contains organic foods. The flavors of these products are also different and your baby will get a chance of enjoying the food.

  • Highest quality- The manufacturer has given a high attention to the taste and quality by adding only the reliable ingredients. With unique formula, the product ensures the nourishment to your baby.
  • Flavors and taste- Your baby will experience the taste of carrots, peas and sweet potatoes in different jars. The organic food, made of crisp and clean veggies, will enhance the health of consumers.
  • Storage- If you have opened the seal of jar and your baby cannot consume it in one day, you may refrigerate it for three days.

Recommended For All babies whose age is more than four months.


  • No extra sugar, salt and wheat
  • No presence of artificial colors and flavors preservatives
  • Formulated with only fresh vegetables


  • Only one vegetable in each jar

Gerber Organic Single-Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal

Gerber Organic Single-Grain Oatmeal Baby Cereal

If your baby has no issue in consuming solid food items, you can buy this product. This Gerber Oatmeal Cereal is one of the pediatrician recommended foods. Most of the babies have enjoyed this organic food because of its unique, delectable taste. You may serve your baby with this food two times every day.

  • VitaBlocks- Every baby needs vitamin for maintaining the fitness. This cereal-based food comprises B, C and E vitamins for the development of your baby’s brain. Zinc is also present in the food to enhance growth process.
  • Rich iron content- This is effective in improving the learning skill of a baby.
  • Tight sealing- The seal of the container keeps up the freshness of the content.

Recommended For Babies of 4 months or older.


  • USDA organic
  • Cause no mess as you just have
  • Easily digestible


  • Flat and large spout for pouring

Earth's Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, Strawberry Banana

Earth's Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

While your babies are one of the smoothie lovers, you may make them happy with this package. Earth’s Best has prepared the tasty snack to allow the babies in enjoying the feeding time. This small pouch of a unique flavor foodie gives a great value to the babes.

  • Flavors- A blend of Strawberry Banana flavor has made this product most desirable. Yogurt is also added to the formula.
  • Convenient package- You may squeeze the package to put it in your bag. However, the food will not get leaked.
  • Vitamin D and calcium- These are present in the food for overall improvement of your baby’s health.

Recommended For Babies of 4 to 6 months.


  • Organic components
  • Pouch size- Enough for a baby
  • Easy to carry


  • The cap must be bigger

Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food, Fruit and Veggie Variety Pack

Plum Organics Stage 2

As the babies cannot consume solid, freshly cut fruits, you may plan to buy this fruit-based baby food pouch. The package is a combination of a variety of foods. If your baby is not familiar to any of these foods, this formula gives you the right way to introduce them.

  • Ingredients- You can get the packets of carrot, pumpkin, peas, spinach, pear and blueberries. As all these fruits have full of vitamins, your baby will get the right nutrients.
  • Re-sealable- Open the pouch and reseal it. As this is a small portable system, you may also carry it to another place.

Recommended For Babies of more than six months.


  • Free from BPA
  • Recyclable cap
  • No harmful flavor


  • Some babies do not like the taste

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food, Fruit & Veggie Variety Pack

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Baby Food

With high nutritional value, this food offers pleasing taste to all the babies. As the digestive system of your baby is developing, you have to introduce diverse varieties of foods.  This food acts as the wonderful complement of breastmilk. Thus, besides continuing the breastfeeding process, you need to nourish your baby with this food.

  • Ingredients- The package comprises the flavors of apples, spinach, blueberries, carrots and peaches. Thus, this baby food has lots of nutrients and vitamins.
  • There is no presence of trans fat and the calorie value of this product is 50.

Recommended For All babies who are about six months in age.


  • No salt, color and flavor
  • No BPA package for the safety of baby food


  • The mango flavor is much intense

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food

As a busy mom, when you have no time to prepare foods, you may purchase this package for your little baby. The manufacturer has carefully selected the fruits to put them into the formula.

  • Readable packaging- If you want to know about the ingredients of the product, you may go through the information, given on the package.
  • Availability of nutrients- The fruits and vegetables, used in the package, are beets, bananas, mangoes, apricots and broccoli and peas.
  • Tested product- This is a non-GMO verified product, and so, you can rely on it.

Recommended For Babies of over six months.


  • Easy to serve
  • Good packaging
  • Organic ingredients
  • Amazing taste


  • Spinach flavor is not fine

Peter Rabbit Organics, Organic Strawberry and Banana 100% Pure Fruit Snack

Peter Rabbit Organics

It is another baby food package from Pumpkin Tree, and most of the babies and toddlers love its taste. Perhaps, a picky baby will also love this flavor. Made of only pure ingredients, this food package ensures safety to the consumers.  After opening the seal, your baby must consume it within forty-eight hours.

  • Excellent snacks with the right texture- The manufacturer has not added water for the dilution of the food. There is also no sugar and sugar, and thus, your baby is going to get a unique recipe.
  • Squeezy food pouch- You can carry it for your baby anywhere.
  • Fruits- A tasty formula of banana and strawberry calms down your hungry baby.

Recommended For Any baby whose age is about 6 months.


  • BPA free
  • Secure screw cap
  • No GMO
  • Pouch with flat base


  • The taste is slightly acidic


So, look for the organic foods that can appease the hungry tummy of your baby. Just open the seal and serve your baby with the carefully prepared foods. As these organic foods are a source of various minerals and vitamins, you do not need think much of baby’s nutrition. Though it’s only your decision on what you have to buy for your baby, our guide will be most helpful to you. Now, we like to hear from you- Have you started feeding your baby with these organic foods? And is that food effective for your baby’s development?

I believe in the notion, “value for money” i.e. when someone is spending an amount on a product, he or she should receive maximum satisfaction from that product. Hence, it is very important to choose the products very carefully which is possible only if you have a good knowledge of the product you are going to buy. Especially when we are talking about baby products, we need to take care of its quality as well. Keeping all this in mind, She started this blog that would guide parents to buy the right products for their kids.

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