Best Car Seat Stroller Combo 2017-2018 ( Top list & Guide )

Gone are those days when taking babies from one place to the other was so difficult because you had to carry the baby everywhere you went. The invention of strollers reduced our troubles of carrying our babies. It is so easy now. You can just place your child in the stroller and take him/her everywhere without any problems. At the same time, car seats for children are very important. However, till date people get confused regarding the selection of car seat stroller combo.

Car Seat and Stroller Combos can be very useful to new parents if chosen properly. In this article, we try to guide you by giving you a basic idea as to how you should choose the perfect car seat stroller combo for your child.

Choose a best for your little one.

Car Seat Stroller Combo Buying Guide

Why use a Car Seat Stroller Combo?

Before going into the details, you should have that basic question in your mind. Why do we need to buy a seat and stroller combo? Well, strollers, as we all know, are pretty useful and so are car seats. But what if you get a combination of both? You can detach and use the seat in your car and later on attach it to the stroller to make your child comfortably sit on it? This not only makes things convenient but also reduces the hassle of buying both of them individually.

  • They are convenient - Suppose you have gone out shopping and you need to hurry or may be it is too cold outside and you need to shift the child immediately from the stroller to the car. These are the times when the car seat and stroller combos come in handy.
  • Car seats and strollers complement each other - When you buy a combo, you will realize that a combo is far more convenient and easy to use. You can just unlock the seat and attach it back whenever needed. No shifting, un-fastening and re-fastening again. Some hospitals don’t discharge kids without a car seat or stroller so that might be of use.
  • One time investment - It is not like you have to buy one every day. Once you buy a combo, it is going to last you and you can even use it if you plan to have kids in the future. However, the product needs to be of a real good quality.

Types of strollers you should be aware of

Strollers can be broadly divided into two types, one being the three-wheel stroller and the other is the four-wheel stroller. They both have their advantages and drawbacks. You need to figure out which one suits you the best and then shop accordingly.

- The three-wheel stroller has a higher center of gravity and the turnings might often be sharper compared to the four wheeled strollers. You can handle it with a single hand and less stable when compared to a four-wheeler stroller.

- A four-wheeled stroller is comparatively more stable. It can be easily folded and easier to handle.

You will figure out that the wheels of the stroller can be made up of

Rubber or Plastic ?

The ones made of rubber are better than the ones made of plastic as they can bear more number of bumps and also last longer compared to plastic wheels.

All you need to know about car seats

Whenever you buy a car seat, you need to make sure that the following qualities are maintained.

  • See that the seats have foams on the side for protection of the child from any side injuries.
  • The harness should be really good so that the baby is not displaced. Always remember that your child is small and cannot move himself/herself.
  • ​If you are going for a combo, make sure that all the installation buttons work properly.
  • You can adjust the size of some of the seats according to your child’s age. So, buying such a seat would be a smart decision.

How to choose your car seat and stroller combo ?

In today’s market, you probably have more number of products and choices than what you actually need. This in a way is good, as you have a lot of options and bad at the same time as you end up buying something which is not appropriate for you. To buy a combo, you need to see three basic things.

  • The stroller and its quality.
  • The car seat and its features.
  • The base of the car seat.
  • The product is marked safe by any authorized institution because you cannot take any chance when it comes to the safety of your kids.

There can be a lot of things you should keep in mind when you go to purchase this kind of product. Buying a car seat depends on what kind of car you have. Again, the amount of space you want to allot for your baby in the car is a question. Apart from the basic standards, types and color preferences may differ from one person to the other.

Getting a car seat might be related to getting a stroller and vice versa. When buying a stroller, you should consider your height and stamina. You have to push the stroller wherever you go so decide how heavy you want it to be. You can prefer a three wheeled or a four-wheeled stroller.

Some of them have space to keep your child’s necessary things like feeding bottles and toys. Some of them are easy to carry and fold. This might be convenient for people who frequently travel.

Doubts that users have in general regarding the product

Users generally have doubts regarding things like whether a stroller is too heavy for new mothers or wat if they are not up to the quality? Some complain about the weight or inconvenience of carrying a stroller everywhere. Others have questions regarding the amount of space a stroller has to keep things like toys, food and diapers.

Best Car Seat Stroller Combo 2017-2018

Let me tell you, these are the things you have to come into terms with before you plan to purchase a car seat and stroller combo. Every product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So, keep all the above in mind and decide if it is worth it.

1. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth

Editor's Rating

Both the car seat and stroller are able to accommodate kids of a maximum of 30 pounds and a height of 30 inches maximum. It is designed with the child’s comfort of paramount importance. The stroller has a variety of reclining positions available while the head support and seats are heavily padded and soft enough for sleeping without pressure points or ulcers forming.

The storage basket is large enough for carriage, storage with a simple one hand fold feature. Keeping in mind that you can never offer too much protection to a toddler, they both have a 5 point harness system.

The back facing infant seat is ideal for all kids from infancy. The installation process for the car seat is simple and can be done without any help. It features a latch and lock system.


  • Affordable.
  • Simple installation, firm clipping.
  • Comfortable padding.


  • The wheels might need regular greasing.
  • The material gets comfortable on repeated use.

2. Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

Editor's Rating

This combo features the bestselling Graco snug ride click connect back facing infant car seat and the stroller. The stroller is both lightweight and can easily fold with one hand. It comes with extra-large storage options which make it ideal for on the go travel. The stroller also features a zippered pocket with two up holder places ideal or a mum running errands. The stroller is itself comfortably padded with multiple reclining positions.

The combo weighs less than 22 lbs. probably the lightest around.


  • Easy to clean with provided manual.
  • Every part is adjustable, car seat, sun coverage, reclining.
  • Easy to install.


  • The plastic tires are not durable.
  • Under the stroller storage is not convenient.

3. Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Editor's Rating

This travel system encompasses everything you need in a small product. The infant car seat has a weight limit extended to up to 35 pounds, the stroller folds into a simple 16 inch ultra-pack. When fully open, it features comfortable padded seats, an extended sun visor and a peek a boo window. With a 3-5 point harness system your child is both comfortable and safe.

For the parent, the vive travel system has a storage compartment, a cell phone compartment and cup holders.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Versatile.


  • When folded, the stroller doesn’t lock shut.
  • The base installation might need a bit more strapping for firmness.

4. Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat, monument 2

safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System with onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat, monument 2

Editor's Rating

The smooth ride travel system is idea for travelling or regular errands as you go on walks. Its major selling points revolve around the easy maneuverability of the wheel systems, the flip-flop friendly brakes and the fact that 4 harness sights are comfortable. The buckling can be done in two different ways depending on the level of comfort you are seeking, There is extra sun coverage and the peek a boo window makes for great aeration and check-ins

The back facing infant seat is ideal for kids between 4 and 35 pounds.


  • Simple installation with strong fits.
  • Easy to collapse and store.


  • The infant car seat straps may not be idea for bigger babies.

5. Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System

Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System, Black

Editor's Rating

This is a number one bestseller that features a SafeCell impact protection which is a group of features designed for optimal safety, one of which is the side impact protection provided by the deep foam lined shell design.

It easily folds in one hand and is portable enough for travel. The stroller has been designed in such a way that it can comfortably be paired with any Britax single stroller.


  • Easy assemble and easy installation.
  • The safety design of this combo is unparalleled.


  • Non movable handle keeps getting dirty.

6. Disney Amble Quad Travel System, Garden Delight Minnie - For baby girl

Disney Amble Quad Travel System, Garden Delight Minnie

Editor's Rating

Of note is that this travel system is very pink, that aside, the infant set comes with a stay in the car base that is easy install. The back facing seat features infants up to 35 pounds.

If walking outside, the stroller is both comfortable and clicks simply to the car seat. It has a variety of recline positions and folds on lifting with one hand. It features a mama’s storage area making it one of the most versatile available.


  • Pre-assembled on delivery
  • Easy to use and clicks right in


  • Not ideal for one hand pushing

7. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

Editor's Rating

The travel system includes Expedition LX Jogging Stroller and our Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat For jogging, the stroller has been designed with tough durable wheels of which the front ones are locking. Aside from that, the stroller is multi-position reclining with heavy but comfortable padding. There is also a sun and wind cover. It has a 5-point harness system and reflectors on the footrest, all as extra protection measures.

It easily folds on one hand and its lightweight nature makes it ideal for travel. There is parental storage space for phones and the likes.

The infant car seat features a base as well and fits perfectly and easily.


  • Easy to use flex lock
  • Affordable yet ideal


  • The car seat head support may not be ideal for bigger infants

8. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System

Editor's Rating

The Fastaction fold is ideal for moms who want to have it easily transitions from a walker stroller, to a jogging stroller and a simple hand fold makes it a car seat.

The front seats lock for an easier jogging experience. The seats are multi-reclining and heavily padded for comfort.


  • Convenient-large storage basket.
  • Easy in, easy-out.
  • Folds up fast.


  • The stroller is massive.
  • The sun shade does not offer complete coverage.

9. Cosco Lift and Stroll Travel System, Elephant Squares

Cosco Lift and Stroll Travel System, Elephant Squares

Editor's Rating

The car seat has been designed with maximum side impact protection and four harness heights as the child grows, fixing it is a simple one man job and if anything, it simply attaches to the stroller during travel. The stroller is comfortable and with a one hand pull simply shuts. It is portable and versatile with a parental tray which helps with on-the go movements.


  • Light, easy to use, portable
  • Sturdy stroller and car seat


  • The wheels may need to be adjusted
  • Not ideal for jogging or running
9.3 Total Score
Conclusion of Car seat stroller combo

Each of these combos provide a glimpse of what goes into an ideal stroller or car seat. The choice depends on personal preference and ideal use.Let us know what you think about the product. You are welcome to let us know if you have any suggestions regarding the products or clear any doubts you might have by leaving a comment below. Happy parenting

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I believe in the notion, “value for money” i.e. when someone is spending an amount on a product, he or she should receive maximum satisfaction from that product. Hence, it is very important to choose the products very carefully which is possible only if you have a good knowledge of the product you are going to buy. Especially when we are talking about baby products, we need to take care of its quality as well. Keeping all this in mind, She started this blog that would guide parents to buy the right products for their kids.

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    Ramona Clemens 02/08/2017 at 9:16 PM

    We needed something foldable and so decided to splurge a little so we bought the Britax travel system and I’m so happy with it! It folds like a charm making it easy to store and it cleans just as easy – which I never expected. It’s safe without looking ugly or being too big making it perfect if you have a smaller car. Also, all the foam padding helps with all the bumps and lumps in the road. Cybex was our second choice but the Britax looks and feel so much better for a fraction of the price.

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      Thanks for the comment Ramona. Your feedback is very helpful.

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