10 Best Booster Seats 2017 – To keep your child safe during every ride

Are you planning to enjoy a long drive in this vacation? And your children are perhaps your best partner. Right?

But, what would you do if your toddlers feel discomfort while sitting on your car seats? In fact, normal car seats have no special designs for the convenience of kids. At the same time, you are also possibly much concerned about the safety of your tots.

Best idea that I can give to you is to purchase a booster seat. The needs of babies are not same as that of the preschoolers and toddlers. So, when your little one has already crossed four years, you may think of buying a high-quality booster seat. I have made a list of the most recommendable booster seats that can make your kids’ journey more enjoyable.

But before we go to see the top 10 best booster seats. I let you learn about the Buyer's Guide first. You can jump to read the topics in the table below.

Booster Seat Buying Guide

Booster Seat Buying Guide

Do your children like to sit in the car just as an adult? They no more want to get hugged by your arms all throughout your journey. Though there are special protection systems in the modern cars, these are not enough for kids. So, the booster seat may fulfill all the requirements. While you are making decision to buy such seat, you have to ensure whether you have any of these issues-

  • Your children have gone beyond the limit of weight and height, mentioned by the manufacturer of car seat.
  • Their ears touch a point above that seat.
  • Their shoulders cross the slot at the highest level.

What features you must consider for purchasing booster seats

  • Level of comfort - Your children will enjoy booster seat during the ride, only if it is comfortable to them. The padded linings and cushioned seats are perhaps two major things that ensure a smooth journey. Many models also allow your child to recline the system and have a peaceful nap.
  • Guarantee for perfect safety - The booster seat manufacturers give this guarantee if their products pass in a collision test. This test reveals the durability of the seat and its power to prevent any injury to the children. Thus, if the rating for safety is high, then you can rely on that product. Usually, these seats have foam with impact absorbing property.
  • Height of harness and headrest - The most preferable booster car seats have such headrest and harness that may allow you to adjust at any time. As there are flexible restraint straps, these seats help your kids to stay secured.
  • Installation system - You have perhaps more than one car, where you like to use your booster seat. If the installation process is easy, then you can set it up anywhere with no effort. Sometimes, the manufacturers also provide manual to the users to direct the installation procedure. Many of the seats have codes and colorful marks that act as the guide. These indicators may allow you to fit the seat to your car instantly.
  • Detachable cover - You can search for those booster seats, which have separable cover. Clean it occasionally to keep up its look.
  • Clips for belts - Many of the seats are equipped with those clips, which help to position the belt in the right way. Such clips enable you in fitting the belts tightly.

Booster seats with different models

Every brand offers a distinct model of booster seats. Unlike the baby carriers, they are portable; however, they are available in various designs.

1.High-back - It looks as regular seats, and is most useful if your car has no headrest. It has also slots, which assists you in securing your child accurately. But, it is awkward for the bigger children.

2.Backless - Its design is very compact and is outfitted with two armrests. As they do not have any backrest, you may use it only if your vehicle has headrests.

3.The combination of both - Many parents want to fit one booster seat in different varieties of cars. Perhaps, they like to save their money by buying only the minimum number of seats. To meet these needs, many manufacturers have designed a model, which can be used as a backless and high-back system. These are really the most flexible model because the users may alter the seat's height or remove the back support, according to their expediency.

In addition to the above considerations, you have to be aware of some more things

  • Information on your children - The possible weight, age, and height of your kids are some common factors, which help you in determining the seat type that you have to buy. There are few limitations up to which the booster seats are able to endure and remain intact. The capacity of the seats has a direct relation with the compatibility of the child with the product.
  • Cars where you have to use the seats - All vehicle models are not same, and so, the features of your own car may allow you to make out if the seat is best for the model. The presence of seatbacks and headrests is the most important aspect to help you in choosing the seats.

Best Booster Seats 2017

And the next we bring to you the ten best booster seat reviews.

1. Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat

Keep your children safe with one of these innovative products of Britax. The metal structure and the integrated safety components allow the parents to be free from tension, while their kids are in a car. Front adjustment features help in altering the angle of a seat for the convenience of children. The headrest also enables your kids to safely place the neck and head. The capacity of carrying weight is also significant. The buckle (two-position) leads to an easy movement of the harness.


  • User-friendly buckles.
  • Side impact safety.
  • Allow simple installation.
  • Easy latch connectors.


  • May not fit well in every car.

2. Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat with Latch System

Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat

Many kids love to have a booster seat with high back support, and so, Graco offers them such product to meet their needs. Graco's booster seat can hold almost thirty to hundred pounds. However, if needed, you may also turn it into a backless model. The seat is much preferable for children of about four years. There is also a storage unit to let your child keep anything securely. Though you may find similar other models, this product is incomparable in terms of price.


  • EPS foam giving comfort to the head of users.
  • Back part is detachable.
  • Lightweight structure.
  • Double cup holding systems.


  • Height is not up to expectation.

3. Diono Monterey XT High Back Booster Seat

Diono Monterey XT High Back Booster Seat

One of the most appreciated brands, Diono Monterey offers a booster seat with a versatile design. You can keep the high-back structure in its position, or you may also remove the back, according to the needs of your child. If you go for backless version, there is no need of being concerned with security. However, you can just ensure it fits well for your kids. The seat base also gives ample support to the kids' legs. The booster seat is designed in such a way that you don't need to use any lap belt. But, you can't take it on the airplane


  • Headrest allowing you to position in 11 ways.
  • Equipped with LATCH system.
  • Cup holders are easily retractable.
  • Allows reclining in two positions.


  • Comparatively wider than normal models.

4. Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt Positioning Booster

Chicco KidFit Belt Positioning Booster

This high-back seat is adorable to lots of toddlers. You may alter the booster's height so that its shoulder belt can be placed at the right position. However, it is not the most elevated model. The optional LATCH connectors are also another positive trait, and while you do not use them, you can draw the belt for retracting them. The cushioned cover and tightly tucked fabric give the product a refined look. Headrest and head restraint also do not create an obstacle to each other. You can drive the headrest towards the front or lift it up. If the system is in backless condition, you need to see whether the toddler can use it efficiently.


  • Suitable for kids of various sizes and ages.
  • Good fabrics used for padding.
  • Easily convertible to backless seats.


  • Cover not easily removable.

5. Evenflo Amp High Back Booster Car Seat

High Back Booster Car Seat

Give fun to your child with this booster seat. Just like many other models, it also provides you with a backless and high-back option. Basically, there are 2 seats integrated into one. The easy installation systems and safe structure are also the acceptable features. The energy absorbing pads with resilient foam can also give comfort to the kids. You may change the settings for controlling the height.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Multiple cup holders.
  • Flexible height systems.
  • Available in vibrant colors.


  • No presence of good harness system.

6. Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

If you think that your toddler won’t dropper or get asleep during the car journey, this Backless TurboBooster may be preferable. The compact design does not cover much space and it allows you to carry the system anywhere. It is intended for kids of maximum ten years. The reliable safety system in the seat prevents the possibilities of the crash. The smart cups holders also let your child store the drinks during any trip. So, you may buy the backless seat as an amazing gift for your child.


  • Cushioned seat.
  • Style look.
  • Hideaway storage system.
  • No hassle in cleaning the plastic accessories and the seat.


  • No good for children who do not feel secured with only car’s seat belt.

7. Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat

Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat

The beautiful butterfly prints are one of the biggest attractions to kids. However, the parents, who are concerned with the features of booster seats, may also prefer this model. The school-going kids, with rage range from six to ten years, can use the seat. While your car has enough space available and you do not look for a high-back seat, this product of Evenflo may give you the right worth.


  • Cozy and cool design.
  • Cup holders, fitted with elastic.
  • Washable pads.
  • Belt hook allowing the right adjustment of belt.


  • Seat is slight tougher.

8. Cosco Top Side Booster

Cosco Top Side Booster

If you are looking for lightweight, portable booster, then you can choose Cosco Topside. However, as there is no seat belt adjustment system, you have to wait until your child has become older enough to get accustomed to this arrangement. Your child may take use the booster during a short journey.


  • Simple in look.
  • Backless system.
  • Armrests can be rotated.


  • Not approved by FAA.
  • No presence of cup holders.

9. mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat

mifold Car Booster Seat

mifold offers you the most compact product for booster seat users. This booster seat looks slightly different from other models of average standard. Take it to any place and store it inside your sedan or some other site. You can bring down the seatbelt without raising your child. The flexible belt guides also help you in ensuring that the belt is at the right place. If there is any collision, your kids will stay protected.


  • Allows you in folding up the system to store in backpack.
  • Good for kids of maximum twelve.
  • Almost three seats can be accommodated in your car.


  • Seats are not much soft.

10. BubbleBum Travel Booster Car Seat

BubbleBum Travel Booster Car Seat

The pink colored inflatable and portable booster seat really look gorgeous. Your children may find it to be a fun to inflate the seat anytime with their mouth. The width of the seat is only thirteen inches, and most of the kids prefer its comfy design. After your children have taken their seats, you have to attach their seat belt using a hook. You may carry two or more seats during your travel.


  • Able to hold almost hundred pounds.
  • Inflatable seats- Best accessory for a trip.
  • Allow you to fit 3 seats easily in a car.


  • Loses air within short time.

So, these are all about the booster seats. What is your view on these seats? If you have any special preference, you can share it with me.

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