Best Baby Wipes 2018

Do you like to cuddle and pamper your little babies? You perhaps want to provide them with the right nutrients; you care for their peaceful nap and you also want them to look smart with attractive dresses. But, what about the hygiene? Have you shown concerns on it? Sometimes, the lack of hygiene is the cause of your baby’s mumbling and crying. It is mainly the little dirty butts that irritate your babies. Your baby is now not too matured to speak about their toilet or potty. When it is the time to change your babies diapers, you may find the wet grubby bottoms. Use baby wipes for cleaning that area, and this is a good way to ensure sanitation.

We have selected the 5 best baby wipes from the most recommendable brands. And as a responsible mom or dad, you may pick any of them.

1. bloom BABY Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

bloom Baby Wipes

Our Rating 4.8/5.0

When you have not provided potty training to your little one, Bloom Baby offers you a wonderful solution with its baby wipes. With no harsh chemical, these wipes keep your baby’s skin safe. Though the product is new in the world of baby wipes, you can rely on these scientifically designed wipes. As the manufacturer, has considered mostly natural ingredients, you no more need to be concerned about your baby. The level of preservatives is also minimal to ensure a risk-free solution. Thus, if your baby is too much sensitive to rashes, these wipes are the right choice for you.


  • Hypoallergenic- Formulated with only plant-based substances.
  • Created with ultra-pure water of glacier to act as cleanser.
  • Presence of natural fibers and vitamins, including Omega-6.
  • Glyceryl oleate for conditioning your baby’s skin.
  • Olive oil as antimicrobial substances.
  • Does not emit fragrance.
  • 80 wipes, available in every package.

Recommended for - Suitable for all the newborn babies


  • Durable and soft
  • Safe for any baby
  • Never irritates skin because of the absence of nuts, gluten and wheat
  • Non-abrasive product, made of eco-fiber
  • Prevents microorganism growth


  • Salt and glycerin causing little risks

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2. Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive 7X Refill

Pampers Baby Wipes

Our Rating 4.7 / 5.0

It’s really a lovely moment when you are stripping off your baby wipes. Pampers wipes give you a chance to pamper your newborn baby. Recommended by many dermatologists, Pampers help you to keep your baby’s skin clean all the time. You can always find a sweet smile on the face of your baby. You need very few wipes in order to make perfect cleaning. You can also grab every piece easily and efficiently. Pampers can be the most preferable gift to the new parents. The wipers are uniquely designed so that you can pack them up in your diaper bag. Your baby will also never feel scratchy with these wipes.


  • Soft-grip Texture to help you in simple cleaning of the butt.
  • Contain ingredients, like sodium citrate, castor oil (hydrogenated), water, dimethicone and many more.
  • No presence of scent to disturb your baby.
  • 20 percent thicker, in compared to other products of the same brand.

Recommended for - You may use the wipes for your babies until they get potty training


  • Durable, thick and soft
  • No intense perfume
  • Allows easy clean up
  • Never stick to the delicate skin
  • Reasonably priced


  • An oily layer on the product is not acceptable to some users

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Last update was on: 29/11/2018 3:51 AM
Last update was on: 29/11/2018 3:52 AM

3. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Unscented, 480 Count, Flip-Top Packs

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Our Rating 4.5 / 5.0

It’s really amazing to learn that Amazon itself has high-quality wipes to offer newborn babies. This is the unscented one, though you can also get the scented version from Amazon. Designed by Nice-Pak, these wipes come with a very convenient package. You may use those wipes to clean not only the butts but also the feet, hands or face of your baby. So, a mom can get the safest and quickest option to maintain the hygiene of her baby. Your little baby may also get a soothing sensation from these wipes. Their skin won’t get dried because the wipes maintain hydration for long hours.


  • Natural ingredients, like aloe helps in soothing the delicate skin
  • Constitutes pure water of pharmaceutical-grade
  • Disodium EDTA to protect the freshness of the wipes by avoiding all the contaminants
  • Citric Acid to control the pH level of the product
  • No alcohol, parabens and harmful dyes
  • No fragrance
  • Resealable package
  • Disposable wipes to be thrown in your trash container
  • 720 pieces

Recommended for - Best for all young babies of about one or two years


  • Safe for all the parts of your baby’s body
  • Inexpensive
  • flip-top cover


  • Resealable pack not preferable to some consumers

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4. HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes, Unscented, Soft Pack ,792 Count

HUGGIES Simply Clean Baby Wipes

Our Rating 4.5 / 5.0

Huggies is one of the known brands, offering a versatile product. Get the perfect combo of versatility and convenience with these Simply Clean baby wipes from Huggies. Most of the moms are satisfied with the excellent quality, provided by this brand. It does not matter how delicate your baby’s skin is. You may easily clean the messes. Thus, these 9-pack wipes won’t give a rough feeling to your baby. Try out Huggies to stop babies from crying at any moment.


  • Soft packs with disposable feature- You may throw it away after use
  • Works as the conditioner of your baby’s skin for Aloe leaf Caprylyl Glycol content
  • Malic acid and Tetrasodium EDTA – These are two main constituents allowing the wipes to adjust the pH level
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine works well for cleaning and prevents allergic reaction in your baby’s body

Recommended for - Usable for babies for any age


  • Free from paraben, alcohol and any fragrance
  • No risk of allergy
  • Tested dermatologically
  • Resealable system to help you in taking out the wipes


  • Wipes get ripped easily, according to some users

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5. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 9 Packs of 60 Count (540 Count)

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Our Rating 4.6 / 5.0

WaterWipes offer a chemical-free, safe product for all the babies. It is pure, like the cotton, and you can give excellent care to your baby. If your baby’s bottoms are highly sensitive, you can treat them with these wipes. The wipes are fragranced to give pleasant sensation. At the time of wiping, you may squeeze the wipes in order to reduce some water. So, keep your baby happy with WaterWipes’s products. Though it is little pricey, you may get the best worth from the product.


  • Designed with patent-pending systems- To provide a significant level of purity, safety and mildness
  • Does not contain chlorine, paraben, lanolin and ammonium substance and harmful additives
  • Scent due to the use of grapefruit seeds

Recommended for - All newborn babies to stay clean


  • Avoid all the problems of the sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation
  • Softer wipes
  • Do not give any greasy feeling
  • Moist and thick- No need of frequent changes
  • All the wipes are of good sizes


  • Costlier that the products of other brands
  • Cause a little mess because of the wet nature

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Last update was on: 29/11/2018 3:51 AM
Last update was on: 29/11/2018 3:52 AM

Baby wipes- A guide to allow you in buying the right one

You have now already learned about the high-quality branded baby wipes. But, every baby has not the same needs. But, a baby does not know the words to express their feelings and everyday needs. So, how could you buy the baby care products? We have presented a simple guide to help you in choosing the right wipes for your little baby.

If you have invested on the wrong wipes, your baby may feel irritation. As you need to replace diapers very often, the wipes are also the daily needs of a baby. In some cases, three to four wipes are enough, but for other babies, you may need almost ten wipes.

Wipes must have the safest ingredients

Whether it is a food or other baby care product, ingredients are the foremost concern. The scientifically designed wipes are always soft in quality. Usually, wipes are created with the blend of a number of components. But, if any of those components is allergic to your babies, the wipes would not suit them. The ingredients that you should always avoid are parables, fragrances, alcohol and many such things. Many researchers have observed that while you have chosen quality wipes, you babies will not have any chance of having rashes. Some wipes also contain natural components, like Aloe Vera and vitamins to create a positive effect on your skin.

Benzyl alcohol and Chlorine- both these ingredients can lead to some problems to your baby’s skin. For instance, they may irritate skin, cause rashes or trigger burning feeling. So, if any wipes have these components, you can avoid them.

Thicker and smoother wipes for all baby skins

Baby wipes, which are of thicker quality, are the better option for all users. If the wipes are very thin, then it can easily get damaged at the time of using. Your baby may also scratch it with hands. Wipes with multiple layers may be the good product for your user. Many of the models have quilted designs, and they can also give better feel to your baby. The quilted ones also allow easy removal of the bowel movement. They can also wipe out the dirty matters very easily.

Specialty and flushable baby wipes

Many babies have the possibility to experience rash, while wearing diapers. To give them a special product, many manufacturers design the wipes with pure water or unique ingredients. On the other hand, some brands also infuse organic components into the wipes. These are specialty baby wipes, which are slightly costlier than other regular products.

​Another option that you can get is the flushable wipes, and these are suitable for toddlers. You can find these baby wipes in some plastic box, and in many cases, they are available with refill packages.

Unscented and scented wipes

Your baby’s soft skin may be highly sensitive. You perhaps like to buy something, which emits intense fragrance. However, your baby does not always desire it. So, too much fragrant wipes may not be preferable. It’s your personal choice, whether you want to pay for the scented or fragrant-free product.

Check expiration time while choosing wipes

Baby wipes in unopened condition may remain good for about 2 years. Sunrays can make your wipes dried. But, if you have opened the package, then the product can stay intact for almost a year. However, as a mom or caregiver, you have to close the pack rightly.

Size of package of baby wipes

You perhaps think that your baby needs wipes only at his home. However, you may also look for this useful product while travelling to some places with your baby. You can better choose a package, which has wipes of various sizes. It allows you to pick one, which can be easily accommodated in your diaper bag.

Types of containers

Baby wipes are available with variety of containers. Some of them have flip-up covering system, while the overall part is made of plastic. To pick your wipes, you need to open the lids. The bigger sized plastic bags, containing wipes, may be availed at a very low cost. A disadvantage of plastic ones is that while you are opening it, a scrunching sound is produced. It is really a disturbing issue to your baby. So, depending on your needs, you can choose wipes with the right container. But, remember that your foremost concern should be baby wipes, and not their container. It’s because your baby is the most valuable asset to you.

9.5 Total Score

So, choose the safest and most biodegradable wipes for your babies. Best baby wipes are one of the acceptable products to keep your little one clean. Wipes from the reputable brands are also durable, and you can easily clean out the butts of your baby. Whether you are a mommy or a dad, you can make the right decision by choosing baby wipes. Now, what wipes do you prefer for your baby? Do you like to share it with all?

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