Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original Reviews

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With comfort as the basic quality, the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original is an excellent baby carrier that keeps your baby close to you! After all, a newborn needs all the attention!

Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original Reviews

The BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original is a cotton quintessential strap baby carrier which is exclusively designed to keep the newborn babies at maximum comfort. The safe and ergonomic carrying style makes this carrier the perfect for the new parents to handle their baby, carry them close and bring in a bond that they definitely need to nourish.

A newborn needs attention, care and loves the most – when you are a new parent practicing the connection just becomes simpler with BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original.

Developed with an insight provided by the pediatricians, this BabyBJorn Baby Carrier has an ergonomic design that suits the baby carrying positions to the utmost. The cushioned and mesh filled comfortable seat has a cotton outlining which is perfect for the sensitive baby skin and extends a comfort that is incomparable.

Keep your baby facing in or out, the baby carrier has a comfortable padding, 3-way adjustment straps and a simple structure to keep the baby in place while you do the walking. The strengthened support strap of the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original is a comfortable slide on a strappy extension which brings the new parents a much lighter way to carry their baby. Distributing the baby weight around the shoulder and waist equally this one promises to not strain your muscles and saves you from getting tired too fast.

About BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original

BabyBJorn is one of the most renowned companies producing the ever-stylish range of baby products dedicated to making parenting easier. For the new parents, BabyBJorn brings about a range of products like feeding bibs, baby carriers, cradles etc. to safeguard the baby all the time and keep them clean.

BabyBJorn Baby Carrier to is one of the classic additions to the range making it super comfortable and stylish to carry the baby while you are out without keeping them away from you. Source


Made of 100% cotton with mesh filling, the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier is an extremely soft, skin sensitive and protective cover for the baby that suits the baby skin perfectly. As cotton is very soft to the baby skin it extends the much-needed comfort while not letting the baby feel clumsy. As easy it is to wash the fabric it dries up quickly for one to use it repeatedly.

23-way adjustment straps

Of course, the adjustment straps have to be comfortable for the new parents to rely on the baby carrier and thus the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original has 3-way adjustable straps which provide for ultimate protection.The straps are designed in such a manner that it divides the baby weight across the parent’s body for them to feel less strenuous when carrying the baby around. The addition buckle system brings more strength and reliability on the straps to keep the baby comfortably tied to your body.

3Comfort of baby

For the baby’s comfort and rest the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier has two sitting positions suiting to the design so that when the parents travel long distances they can make the baby switch positions and stay at their comfortable best. With face-outward and face-inward positions, a baby is both able to look at the view while being walked around or even connect to the parent and easily take the breastfeeding when they are on the baby carrier.The soft padding seat and the outer cover make it really comfortable for the baby to lounge for longer time periods.

4Expert design

The BabyBJorn Baby Carrier is designed with the help of pediatricians who have provided for the important insights that should go into the designing of the baby carrier. With the padding and seat arrangements made properly to extend good support to a baby neck, head, hips and back – this one promises to be good for the newborn baby body and shape.


The cotton fabric is highly breathable and does not let the baby feel clumsy or tied. The fabric is extremely breathable and keeps the air passing for the baby to stay cool and comfortable.


High on style, the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier is a major addition to carrying the baby in the most stylish avatar for the parents. The sharp use of colors and the exclusive design lets the parents dress the way they like and matches well with their outfit too. This wonderful piece is a much stylish option as compared to major baby carriers in the market.


The BabyBJorn Baby Carrier is durable and long-lasting. The use of high-quality fabric and strong harness brings in the reliability that it shall last longer and better!

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8.9 Total Score

BabyBJorn Baby Carrier Original is a wonderful addition to your new parenting experience. With an easy to slide the baby in the carrier and carry them with comfort, this is a much personal carrier that allows your baby to stay close to you and develop the bond. For the breastfeeding mothers, it’s an even easier baby carrier as one can feed their baby while being on the move. Perfectly suits the newborns and infants alike, the design has been developed with creative insights from the pediatricians to extend maximum support to the baby and new parents for a healthier and comfortable travel story!

  • Extremely comfortable for the new parents to carry the baby as the weight is equally distributed
  • Makes for a good style statement when you are a new parent who mostly travels
  • Extends superior comfort to the baby with the soft padding and two-way sitting system
  • Covers the baby entirely to safeguard them against potential danger
  • Keeps the baby close to the mother which builds a connection and even aids in better breastfeeding
  • Suits the baby skin with the soft cotton cloth covering
  • Maybe quite expensive for one to invest in a baby carrier
  • Some people find the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier a bit uncomfortable or sticking too much to the body
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