Baby BJorn We Carrier Review

Parents looking for alternatives to carry their baby comfortably while doing their chores can look up to Baby BJorn We Carrier for their ease. The baby carrier is one of a kind and comes with extra cushioning to provide comfort not just to the parents but the baby too. Made of 100% cotton fabric and also coated with 100% Polyester it is by far the most comfortable baby carrier available in the market today which assists the fathers and mothers alike.

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Baby BJorn We Carrier Review

BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is known for its exclusive design and style which makes it powerful style uplift too. The protective cushioning for the baby is super comfortable and filled with mesh to provide for the baby comfort while has a polyester covering on the outside to save from hurting the baby or any spills that might occur. Giving the baby full body coverage, it helps you carry your infant close to you without worrying about their safety.

BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is being JPMA certified for being the most ergonomic baby carrier which provides for three baby carrying positions i.e. newborns, baby face-outward, and baby face-inward. This ultimately makes it more comfortable for the mothers to feed the baby anytime and anywhere while also makes the fathers enjoy giving the baby a stroll ride anywhere.

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About BabyBJorn Baby Carrier

BabyBJorn is a popular brand known for its high-quality baby care products which are effervescently stylish. Developing a range of baby carriers, baby bibs, toilet seats, baby toys and more – it aims to provide the utmost comfort to the babies and assist the parents in their parenthood. For the ones who are looking for stylish baby carriers which act as a protective shield to the baby and also helps in carrying the baby with utmost care and lightweight methods, the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is one pick that one should make. It’s extremely lightweight, comfortable to carry and soft to the baby skin imparting a certain sense of beauty to the carrier that lies incomparable.

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BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is made of superior 100% cotton fabric as the base material to suit the sensitive skin of a newborn baby. Cotton keeps the baby feeling soft and supple without any potential effect on the sensitive skin of the baby. It is also warm and breathable to let a baby be comfortable. The straps and the outer covering, however, is designed with the use of 100% polyester which makes it more strong, easy to clean and stylish to the best. BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We come in pure fabric to save from any potential reaction.


International Hip Dysplasia Institute has awarded BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We with acknowledgment of being the hip healthy baby carrier. The padded support and the design of the baby carrier effortlessly work in providing the utmost baby comfort and support. It is also developed with special care to the baby body positions when the baby shall be in the baby carrier and therefore it is ensured that the carrier is best for the baby neck, spine, back, and hip.

Expert design

The design of the baby carrier has been specially chosen from expert’s mind and feedback from pediatricians to develop a baby carrier which supports the baby to the utmost care while being a stylish way of traveling too. Therefore, the design is exclusive with all its support and comfort that is extended to the baby. With three ergonomic sitting styles and positions, the baby is sure to enjoy traveling in this baby carrier for long.


The mesh filling in the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is a perfect match to the cotton fabric as it imparts the best breathability of the cushion where the baby sits. This helps in keeping the baby cool and comfortable. Breathability is important as it secures the baby from choking and also lets the inner space stay cool for the baby comfort.


High on style BabyBJorn Baby Carrier, We is the perfect pick for people who have been finding ways to travel with a baby. The black color, shiny finish, and a super protective body cover glide so well to the parent body that it imparts a very comfortable yet stylish look. So be it, father or mother, they are sure to be at their comfortable best while being very stylish even when carrying a baby!


BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is highly durable and lasts for years to come. It suits the newborns and even the toddlers alike to support them up to the age of 3 years. The quality of the material and the strong three-way adjustment straps make it very durable and classic to last for years.

Key Features

  • 100% cotton, 100% polyester.
  • Close support with 3 strap adjustments.
  • Three ergonomic sitting positions i.e. newborns, face-inward, face-outward.
  • Hip healthy baby carrier acknowledged by International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • Padded strap support for ultimate comfort.

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Our Rating with Pros and Cons

BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is a great pick for the new parents who want to maintain their active lifestyle with a newborn baby. Very stylish and highly comfortable, the baby carrier serves as the ideal pick to match with the comfort of carrying the baby for hours without getting tired. Be it your travel story or just a leisure walk – BabyBJorn Baby Carrier We is best baby support carrier for you to carry.

8.9 Total Score
Very stylish and highly comfortable

  • Extremely comfortable to carry because of its soft touch and powerful grip.
  • Makes the baby weight distributed around the parent body making the baby feel very light to carry.
  • Provides for comfortable 3 sitting positions for the baby i.e. face-inward, newborn, face-outwards.
  • Ideal for both father and mother to carry the baby comfortably.
  • A highly breathable body protective shield that does not cause the baby to feel claustrophobic.
  • Designed to suitably match baby grow up to 3 years of age.
  • Acknowledged as the hip healthy baby carrier from International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being supporting to a baby body, neck, spine, and hip.
  • Extra padding on the shoulder for utmost comfort.
  • Some may find it too stylish compared to the use.
  • Supports only front or back carry positions.
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